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Looking at the dearth and demand in the field of higher, Professional and quality education and also keeping in view the needs and sentiments of the local people of Ner Chowk, the final proposal of Abhilashi Educational Society was completed on the auspicious day of 12th December ,2000. The origin of the society is a brainchild of distinguished and exhaustive efforts of senior educationists of the region.

The foundation stone of the society was laid down on 21st May, 2001 by Late Sh. Tulsi Ram Abhilashi, Retd. Headmaster, who is also its founder father.

The society is running multi-faculties viz. Sr. Sec. School, B.Pharmacy course,
B.Sc.(Bio-Technology), BCA, BBA, M.Ed., M.Sc.(Bio-Tech. & Microbiology) and different diploma courses. From this year, the society is also going to start M.Sc. courses in Physics, Chemistry and Botany for the basic requirements are in the course of completion.

Why Choose us ?

In the modern world of competition now you have to decide the field in which you want to go further. But for that you have to prepare yourself and be ready to face the competition.
Abhilashi Group of Institutions is the only group that will help you to set your target and achieve that. We are promised to provide best educational services to its domestic as well as national students providing them world class hostel facilities offering relaxing lounge, baseball court, furnitures and a home theater equipped with a wide television from sceptre TV brand. (click here to know more about sceptre TVs and reviews) The interiors are furnished using RustOleum Cabinet Transformations for the kitchen, Learn more information on kitchen transformations at paintbycolourworks. Abhilashi Group of Institutions comprises of team of experienced, dynamic and expertise teachers/lecturers/professors and all professionals having an outstanding academic and professional record.


Abhilashi Educational Society is located at Ner Chowk, a superb at the western end of Mandi at a distance of 10 kms. from the town and 5 minutes walk from Ner Chowk bus stop. Himachal is known for beautiful flowers, city is covered with unique trees and you get to see lovely flowers flourishing in the gardens. If you’re interested in learning how to maintain the garden, we advise you to check out reviews of orbitrim on fryefarmsinc.com which helps to cut the grass and maintain the beauty of the lawn. Late Sh. Tulsi Ram Abhilashi (Retd. Head Master) was the founder of Abhilashi Educational Society.
Abhilashi Educational Society laid its first stone on 21st may, 2001 under the society registration Act. 1860 at the Deputy Registrar office Mandi(H.P.).
The origin of the society is a brainchild of distinguished and exhaustive efforts of senior educationists of the region. As Ner Chowk is a great center of education and industries which has contributed a lot towards the cause of education.

Achievements of the society

Abhilashi Educational Society was founded on 21st May, 2001 under the Chairmanship of Late Sh. Tulsi Ram Abhilashi(Retd. Headmaster), under the society Registration Act, 1860 at the Deputy Registrar office, Mandi (H.P.).
At present, Abhilashi Educational Society is running a number of institutions viz. B.Ed. College, College of Pharmacy, Vocational Training Institute, Physical education courses J.B.T. and College of Biotechnology. For the M.Sc. courses in Physics, Chemistry and Botany, all formalities have been completed and state govt. has given green signal to establish these courses. For all these courses, separate campus have been provided by Abhilashi Educational Society.

Message from Chairman

The Abhilashi group has transformed by challenging students to uncover their full potential and to apply what they learn in daily life. The college strives to instill a passion for learning, set standards for excellence and promote a commitment to serving the community. Students here come from all walks of life- the young and not-so-young, those just out of school, and those busy with Jobs and family. Individual attention has always been a cornerstone of the Abhilashi brand. Because our classes are small students receive one-on-one attention from their Professors. Our state-of-the-Art institutions pioneer the best and most distinctive Education available.
Our main concern is ensuring that the personal development of the Students take place in an educational environment which reinforces traditional values Of our society. In keeping with that ethos, scholarships and concessions are also given to deserving students Dr. R.K. Abhilashi
I invite you to experience our unique offering of academic excellence.

Message from Managing Director

Progressive…. I think this best describes recent efforts at Abhilashi Group of Institutions. By recruiting top students, faculty and staff, we’re bringing this institution to a whole new level of excellence. Today, Abhilashi Group of Institution is as strong as ever, as we continue to focus on student growth and development rather than simply delivering courses. Our ambition is paying off as our institutions and students continue to succeed. Abhilashi Group was established with the objective of imparting value-based quality education through training and holistic personality development of its students. We believe that education is a continous and dynamic process, that is not confined to the classroom, but goes beyond that to include earnest efforts in developing students into fully skilled and perfect professionals. This can be made possible by a rich exposure to modern trends and practices in the corporate world after receiving relevant academic inputs from a highly qualified faculty. Mr. L.K. Abhilashi

I am very confident that our students, groomed in a rich academic and cultural environment, would not only prove themselves as invaluable in their respective fields they join in the future, but also emerge as responsible citizens and true leaders of this modern yet ancient nation.
Thank you .

Message by Secretary

At Abhilashi Group our main aim is business educating the young people to be equipped for the future challenges in life. At our institutes the academic atmosphere is much different from any other in the region. Our�s is not only an educational group but, we also maintains a close rapport between the community within the institution, where each one is treated as a family member. This close interpersonal communication can only be found at Abhilashi Group of Institutions. Such cohesive environment has contributes towards the progress and development of this group over the years. It is my sincere promise that this will continue indefinitely. Our brand is involved in training the technical & professional skills, herewith I would like to emphasis that it id our mission that the students are groomed properly and prepared to be successful in any sphere. Mr. Narender Kumar Kaushal
We are proud to have shown professionalism in whatever we have done and whatever we have achieved be it, in the form of the infrastructure, administrative & academic systems, top faculty and above all to serve society.
Thank you .

Message by Executive Member

We at Abhilashi Group of Institutes are making endeavors to infuse in the students a right blend of intellectual and innovative qualities. Our objective is to spread career oriented courses so that students should be perfect in technical, Professional and administrative skills and they should be pruned to achieve higher posts and success in the career they choose to go in. We have established a strong culture of producing excellent professionals that are ready to face the global challenges and comparable to industry standards. We are determined to endeavor continuously in the direction of spreading the light of technical education in the region. We look forward to having you as a part of our system to reap the rich dividends of enviable accomplishments of our institutions. We wish to prepare leaders who go beyond conventional skills and Abhilashi Group of Institutions provides this environment to the students to look beyond routine. Mr. Narender Kumar Kaushal

I wish all the very best to my students in their careers and life.